About The Chamber Collective


The Chamber Collective exists to engage, connect and grow business leaders in order to enrich the environment for ownership, employment and community.

We do this through membership facilitated business networks and events within Bonney Lake and the surrounding areas while supporting community needs.










The Chamber Collective is open to chambers in the Bonney Lake region including but not limited to Sumner, Buckley, Enumclaw, Lake Tapps, Lakeland Hills, Tehaleh and Orting.


The Chamber Collective is the perfect partner for every business and professional in the Bonney Lake region. We’re a voluntary, not-for-profit organization committed to working with area leaders to improve the activity in our market and the livability of our community.

• To newcomers, we offer a friendly welcome and information to help you feel at home.
• To visitors, we offer recommendations to make your visit to our region memorable.
• To companies considering relocating, we can assist you in considering sites, during transition, and later as you become a valued corporate citizen.
• To schools, we pledge the support of the business community in our mutual quest for excellence in education.
• To government officials, we present a unified voice of the business community.
• To citizens, we are committed to improving the quality of life in Bonney Lake by ensuring a stable business climate.

The Chamber is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and we thank them for their service.









Why The Collective Approach?

For over 30 years this chamber was called the Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce, but with the change of our surrounding communities we discovered a new strategy.  Much research within our community recommended a broader approach and that working together as businesses in surrounding communities would make for a more beneficial experience for businesses and consumers alike.  As a chamber of 125 there is only so much benefit we could provide to businesses, but increasing our area of focus to Sumner, Buckley, Enumclaw, Lake Tapps, Lakeland Hills, Tehaleh and Orting we could be a chamber of 200 to 250 by 2018.  What this will do is increase the longevity of businesses, create a powerful marketing potential for increased referrals and allow the resident looking for a community beneficial business to find what they came for.  Together we are stronger.

How Does It Work?

Every community has a unique chamber led by Community Ambassadors. These Ambassadors lead the event planning for the community they represent and have their pulse on the city business needs they serve.  Each Ambassador committee has a role within the Chamber Collective Board.  What this does behind the scenes is save each community the need to finance their own systems, board, and executive director saving thousands which goes right back into creating the best business climate for their city.

Member Benefits

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