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Fear of failure is common to most business owners. We connect you to our network of people who aggressively promote your business to the surrounding communities. You deserve to be connected with like-minded people who have your success in mind. Achieve your dreams today by joining the Chamber Collective.



There is no more beautiful view or playground than these two communities with their unique business climates.  From storefronts to in home businesses these communities have a very loyal clientele of recreational loves while enjoying two school districts with top honors.  Lake Tapps is a part of Auburn, Bonney Lake and in places Sumner, where Lakeland is solely Auburn.  This results in some pretty interesting choices for schools with three to four different districts in this footprint.

Please refer to the following links for more information:

City of Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake Special Events
Economic Development
Pierce County

Area Schools:

Sumner School District
White River School District
Dieringer School District
Auburn School District

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Visit Pierce County’s Info by Address site to find your local School District (at the bottom of the list of detailed search results).


We provide events, networks, ribbon cuttings and after hour opportunities to engage other businesses.  Increasing your visibility through business to business engagement.


Businesses that are connected to the fabric of their community have longevity, marketability and positive employee retention. The Chamber Collective facilitates connectivity to valuable moments within the communities we have representation.


The Chamber Collective succeeds when we help your businesses bottom line.  Let us help listen, learn and help your business find increase in your community.  We will help your business grow and provide opportunities for you to grow personally as well.

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A few of The Chamber Collectives core benefits

Money Saving Opportunitites


You experience exclusive discounts with organizations like Office Depot and Legal Shield saving you up to 40% on the day to day needs of your business like printing or legal assistance.


Member to Member Deals

Members can promote discounts to other members and save money by shopping local with other chamber member businesses. Like 25% off paint or 20% off tires when you mention your a Chamber Member.


Membership Pricing

As a Member of the Chamber Collective, you will receive a 20% discount to participation in nearly all events organized by the Chamber. From Sip & Shuttle, Crush, Luncheons to sponsorships.



The Chamber Collective Ambassadors, Board, and Staff are well trained and knowledgeable not only about the area but about the benefits of doing business with chamber members. Members are aggressively referred first and they will tell you when they show up!


Annual Directories

All members are listed in the Chamber Collective online and physical directory that will be placed in members businesses. Exclusive advertising for members only will assist you in gaining exposure to new residents, and shoppers within the community.


Additional Marketing

From sponsorships, web event listings, slides at luncheons, to shout-outs in the local paper there are continual opportunities to market your business on a visible platform.

Networking and Education


Your monthly luncheon provides an opportunity to meet other businesses in the same region as yours. We will have opportunities for you to be inspired and challenged here by top speakers and community leaders that can help you learn what is coming next within your community.


Networking Events

From month networking events at local businesses to ribbon cuttings; these are great places to introduce yourself and organization. Begin discovering the benefits of referral based business today.


Social Network Referrals

The Chamber Collective is leading the way in social network exposure for your business. Discover the power of online referrals on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Do you have success & peace of mind in your business?


What others are saying

  • I (Watson Wooden Words) value The Chamber Collective because it provides a strong support network and also helps local businesses to support each other. When local businesses are successful, we all can grow.
    Tom WatsonWatson Wooden Words
  • My membership in The Chamber Collective hasn't just introduced my marketing business to prospective clients, it's introduced me to other business owners who have problems just like mine, who believe you build a stronger local economy by working cooperatively - and some who have even turned into cheerleaders for my agency. It's a level of support and encouragement you rarely find in other networking organizations.
    Elizabeth Kraus12monthsofmarketing.com
  • Open Life prints weekly at Office Depot.  The savings annually with this one membership benefit has been over $1,000 annually since we joined the Chamber in 2010.  When you use the benefits that are extended to you as a business it adds up quickly! And our people love the quality of this printing made possible by the discounts.
    Thad HuffLead Pastor | OpenLife.church