Membership Pricing

At the Chamber Collective our membership is based on the number of Full Time or Full Time Equivalent employees a company or department has. When looking at membership rates please take two things into consideration. As a new member there is a one-time $25 admin fee and 2 Part Time employees are the equivalent of 1 Full Time employee.





1 to 2 Employees

$185 Annually

3 to 5 Employees

$225 Annually

6 to 9 Employees

$270 Annually

10 to 14 Employees

$325 Annually

15 to 19 Employees

$390 Annually

20 to 29 Employees

$495 Annually

30 to 39 Employees

$590 Annually

40 to 74 Employees

$680 Annually

75 to 99 Employees

$770 Annually

100+ Employees

$1,000 Annually

Non-Profit Organization with no paid staff or Churches

$125 Annually

*Limited Benefit Partner

$250 Annually

City Membership

Due to the complexities of Cities and all they do, we would love to sit down and discuss how we can partner together to create economic growth and engagement in the community.

School District Membership

Let’s get together and discuss how we can make sure the Chamber is meeting the needs of the School District.

*Limited Partner membership benefits are limited to advertising and membership directory benefits only. To qualify, Tourism Partner must be located outside the areas of focus for The Chamber Collective and must be a tourism destination, i.e., hotel/motel or recreation destination.