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Get to Know Your Candidates

Upcoming Bonney Lake Elections

The Primary Elections are quickly approaching and we want you to know exactly who you’re voting for. In the City of Bonney Lake there are 4 council member positions that are up for grabs. 3 of those seats have an incumbent running unopposed in the November General Election while the 4th spot has 3 of your neighbors vying for the ticket during the August Primary Elections.

In the city of Bonney Lake your council is elected at-large serving the whole city and not just a neighborhood within it. Council Members have a term of 4 years and must reside within the City Limits.

You are also welcome to address the Council in person at a public meeting. Council meetings are normally held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month and include a citizen comment period. View the City Calendar for the current meeting schedule.

August 6th Primary Election Candidates

Position No. 4

James Kelly McClimans

I will work to make government responsible to you. Water should not be a profit opportunity for the city; it is a service for you and should be affordable. Growth must be managed well. Bonney Lake can be a beautiful, business friendly community or it can become a sprawling suburb like South Hill. 

I commit to ask: “How much is enough?” 

I commit to always ask: “Will this serve citizens well?”

I commit to preserving the beauty of Bonney Lake. 

I commit to responsible spending by safeguarding the existing budget and fighting unplanned expenditures. 

I commit to responsible growth by ensuring the plans and the budget for the city provides the critical services: police, streets, water, and sewer. 

I commit to a measured, responsible approach to growth that doesn’t tax the existing citizens. If city growth through annexation requires tax increases, I will not support that! 

I commit to responsible planning so plans ensure efficient use of every dollar.

I understand every dollar spent is taken from citizens and it’s a sacred responsibility to use those dollars wisely.

I would be honored to serve you, and request your vote.

Duty is ours; results are God’s. – John Quincy Adams

For More information on James Kelly McClimans you can view the digital Pierce County Voters Guide.

Kerri Hubler

Being an active volunteer allows me to meet people and help our community in many different ways. Being a mom to 5 kids they have kept me busy, but I am a go getter and love to step in and get things done. As a Chief Financial Officer, I have the experience to help deliver a balanced budget and be efficient in the way our city spends money.

Safety in our parks and streets has become a point of concern. Let’s work together to find solutions on how we can protect our families. The food bank needs improvements, I will work with the food bank to find alternate funding and grants so this very important business can continue providing the essential foods for residents that need them.

Being the wife of a Seattle Firefighter I know the frustrations of the homeless encampments, theft, drug use and violence. We need to work together to clean up the forests and remove the encampments permanently to make our streets, businesses and parking lots safe again.

I want to meet the residents and seek their input with community forums. I will work to keep dialogue open and honest at all times for my constituents and be a dedicated council member. We together can continue building this great city to keep our parks safe, streets clean, and your voices heard.

For More information on Kerri Hubler you can view the digital Pierce County Voters Guide.

Pablo Monroy

As Bonney Lake continues to grow, prices of utilize continue to rise, and traffic coming up 410 is coming to a standstill, now more than ever your voice and vision for our beautiful city should be represented on our City Council. I will work hard to be your advocate and bring my experience in building and owning a business and working as a team while ensuring more than just a responsible government, but one accountable to you. 

Ensuring public safety and giving law enforcement the tools it needs to do their jobs. Maintaining and attracting businesses to build here in Bonney Lake is a pivotal aspect of our growth. Finally focusing on creating a livable city with safe parks & reasonable utility bills. These things will be my focus should I be elected. 

I’ve been proud to make the voice of families louder in bringing up problems such as the trash heaps & drug dens in Midtown Park or advocating for the first all-access play structure in Bonney Lake as Park Commissioner. 

I am hoping to bring my energy and experience to the Bonney Lake City Council and work as a team to be your voice.

For More information on Pablo Monroy you can view the digital Pierce County Voters Guide.


Current November 5th General Election Candidates

Position No. 2

Justin Evans

I want to first thank the amazing community of Bonney Lake for the trust they put in me 4 years ago.  It’s been a great start to some meaningful change and there’s still work to be done.  As Chair of Public Safety it’s our mission to ensure that we provide a safe place to live, work, shop and visit to all.  As times are changing, this becomes more and more of a challenge, but I’m committed to working with the community, law enforcement and our prosecutor to make every stride possible to keep our mission at the forefront of our roles as civic leaders.  With that goal in mind, I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to sever this area for another 4 years and I promise that I will, to the best of my ability, keep that trust that I’ve been given by all those in those I serve.  Thank you.

Position No. 5

Tom Watson

Request for comment on candidacy will be updated when received.

Position No. 7

Michelle Surdez

Request for comment on candidacy will be updated when received.


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