/ Why A Chamber Collective? The Most Frequently Asked Question.

Why A Collective?

Why A Collective?

Our Most frequently asked question…

With The Chamber Collective presence being felt out and about in communities such as Bonney Lake, Buckley, Enumclaw, Tehaleh, Orting, Lakeland Hills and Sumner, we are being asked “Why a collective and what does this mean?”

This is a great question to ask. The Chamber board spent a lot of thought on this exact question, over 3 years to be exact. The short answer is we are all stronger together!

The long answer, when we look at our region\area, we all face similar challenges.  Traffic, signage, permitting, business growth, referral opportunities, a sense of belonging to something bigger, community, overall economic vitality and growth.

What does The Chamber Collective look like you ask? The Collective is composed of a chamber from each of the cities. Example, The Sumner Chamber of Commerce, The Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce and so on. Each of the chambers have an ambassador committee, and an ambassador from each committee is on The Chamber Collective Board.  This helps the Collective have a pulse for each community within our areas of focus.  Just check our communties page for these areas.

The Chamber Collective Real Question

“The real question is why didn’t we think of working together sooner?”


Each chamber can have their own meetings and events. The chambers can also participate in each others events, and meetings. Meaning as a member of the chamber a business could attend only The Buckley Chamber events and meetings, or they can attend all of The Chamber Collective’s meetings and events.  It truly is the businesses call for how visible they desire to be regionally.

As a collective we encourage funds from events to go back into the communities they are respectively located in. This helps all the communities to attract business, tourism, and a sense of identity and community.

Ok next question.. How does the Chamber Collective benefit me?

Another great question. Check out the website and our Facebook. Businesses will immediately see each cities chamber has their own beautiful section on the website. The advertising and marketing benefits alone are well worth a membership with The Chamber Collective. We have an annual directory which is distributed throughout the region. We are constantly looking at ways to highlight and support chamber businesses, and we always refer chamber business first!

All of the communities in The Chamber Collective are within a 12 minute drive of each other. This is the same criteria for attracting new business. So, the real question is why did we not think of working together sooner? Especially, when collectively we are stronger together!

Executive Director | The Chamber Collective | chamber@thechambercollective.com


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